VoIP: The Perfect Solution For Remote Workers

Remote workers & The era of the mobile business We are now in an era where working from a café or not having a set office location is becoming increasingly common. Long gone are the days where all businesses have their employee’s on-site, working 9 to 5. This is due to the fact that modern…

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The Alternatives To ISDN Telephone Lines After The Switch-Off

Alternatives To ISDN

Outdated telephony infrastructure is expensive to maintain and can limit the flexibility of your communications. Discover how next-generation solutions can bring your business back up-to-date. Expensive inflexibility Staying competitive can be challenging. Customers are always asking for the best price, staff members are requesting higher pay and more flexibility in their roles and costs from…

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Choosing A New Business Phone System Made Easy

Business phone system

With so many options available from traditional PBX systems to fully hosted solutions, let T2K help you decide which business phone system is best for you. At T2K we have a wealth of experience in helping clients to choose the right business phone system. With over 25 years of experience in providing the very latest…

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How A Horizon Telephone System Can Benefit Estate Agencies

Estate agencies need a reliable telephony system to ensure they hit their sales targets. In such a competitive industry calls need to be put through quickly in order to secure a sale. Reliable telephony is crucial in most sectors; however in such a sales driven sector this is even more important. The challenges estate agencies…

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Why The ISDN Scaremongering Needs To Stop

Recently we’re finding that many companies are coming to us saying they have been told they NEED a cloud solution because BT are going to be cancelling their lines soon. From the sheer panic in their voice, you’d be excused if you thought BT were pulling the plug on ISDN tomorrow. We’ve heard this sales…

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When Is The Right Time To Update Your Business Phone System?

Right Time Change Phone System

It’s very easy to make a case for updating your organisation’s IT system. The latest operating systems will be faster and smarter. Updating your IT network will make it more efficient, while the latest software will bring new features. Moving forwards is usually the best direction, but often the business phone system is left overlooked.…

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Why Working From Home Is Easier Now Than Ever Before

Working from home voip phone

Why working from home is a proven method The amount of people working from home has risen to its highest since records began, with around 4.2 million working from home, accounting for about 14% of the entire workforce in the United Kingdom. The majority, around 63%, are self-employed, whilst the remaining are employed by a company…

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An Early Launch For Our New Knowledge Base

mitel support knowledge base

Last month I published a post saying that “The Telecoms Knowledge Base Open To All” was coming soon and that it would be ready mid-April. After lots of hard work, team contributions and filtering through common support queries, we’ve made good progress and are happy to announce that T2K’s knowledge base is now live ahead…

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Changing The Time And Date On Your Telephone System

Sometimes your systems time can be off or you may need to change it when the clocks go forwards/ backwards. Here is our guide to changing the date and time on the Mitel MiVoice Office 250, MiVoice Business and Siemens HiPath. If you require any help in changing your date and time, we would be…

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