How Sneak-In Burglaries Can Easily Be Avoided

Sneak-in burglaries can easily be avoided. It’s a classic cliché: a burglar, dressed up in a stripy black and white top, sneaking through your window during the night. A scary thought; but one that's not too far from the truth.

During the hotter days of the year, even though in this county they're few and far between, burglaries are on the rise.

Summer nights - we tend to leave our widows and doors open to get a bit of fresh air whilst we sleep. Burglars take advantage of this and are out in force. Granted, they're most probably not wearing a stripy top. They will however be climbing through open windows and doors.

The lack of needing to carry tools or forcing entry is a very attractive proposition to burglars. No noise, no tools, no breaking anything - leaving the police with their work cut out for them with little-to-no evidence.

Sneak-in thieves are the most opportunistic of them all. They will go from house to house on a street looking for an easy point of access, with almost no prior planning or casing.

Sneak in thieves can strike at both residential and commercial properties, day and night. They do however have some common grounds between most.

Firstly, they will generally take small items within proximity of their point of entry. Car keys are becoming increasingly common.

Generally this is because they are left in common areas such as: in the hallway, on the kitchen table, or in a handbag. Cars are also a lot more valuable so the rewards are larger, however the risks are much bigger.

Some thieves are not interested in cars, but more so in small, quick-to-shift items such as mobile phones, tablets, jewellery and handbags/ wallets/ purses.

Thieves prefer these items because they don't take much searching to find, they are easy to take and conceal and selling these items on is quick and easy.

Sneak-In Burglaries Can Easily Be Avoided By Following These Steps

The items that sneak-in burglars are looking for are generally in your house when you are too.

Yes, you are most likely going to be within your property when a sneak-in burglary is carried out: cuddled up on the sofa watching a film, putting the washing out in the garden, or asleep upstairs.

Although less common, the same also applies to businesses, but in a different context.

Preventing sneak-in burglaries doesn't always mean beefing up your home security. Although this does help, simple measures can be taken to make a home less attractive.

I'm apologising in advance if i'm stating the obvious, but it's the primary reason this kind of burglary exists. Lock your doors, even when you're home.

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The same applies with windows, although we would recommend simply closing and locking windows if you're not in that room.

Following these simple steps would reduce the chances of a sneak-in burglaries by six times! And it's free.

Extra Tips to Avoid Sneak-In Burglaries

There are also a few more things you can do to keep your home and business safe from sneak-in burglaries. These mostly involve paid alternatives, and will act as a deterrent to make your property less attractive.

Firstly, try and keep bushes and hedges trimmed below a metre around your home and garden. This would put any burglar in plain sight from passers by and viewing neighbours.

CCTV systems are a great way to not only help the police in the recovery of any of your stolen property, but acts as a very handy deterrent against any would-be late night window creepers.