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Ikon Group
3 months ago
We approached Lindsey at T2K to quote for a new office VoIP system, she was super helpful and arranged for a Director to visit us...
Gillingham Travel
6 months ago
Gillingham travel ltd Raj“We moved over to T2K’s hosted system a few months ago and I can honestly say they have been brilliant. From my initial...
Lorraine Quy
3 months ago
Worked with the Team during an Office move. Very helpful friendly and professional. Couldn't do enough to assist with our constant questions around the system,...

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Cloud hosted telephony

Cloud Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony is the future of telecoms. It is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses across the UK every day.

MItel IP Phone

Mitel Telephone Systems

Mitel telephone systems can be used through SIP or on-premise system, making sure your system is extra reliable.



Broadband and cabling is only a call away. Whether you're working from home, moving into a new-build office, or simply need a infrastructure update. We have it all covered. 

Call recording

Call Recording

Enjoy FCA and PCI DDS compliant call recording for hosted or Mitel telephone systems. When there's only one version of the truth, and it's on record, then there's no argument.

call management

Call Management

Make the most of call management for hosted and Mitel systems. Understand your call stats, manage teams better and improve your businesses call handling capabilities.

Call intergration

Call Integration

Better your staffs time with click-to-dial features and much more with feature-rich unified communications solutions.

About Us

As early as 1991, the team at T2K were providing telephone systems to businesses throughout the UK.

Our strength is in Customer Service. We offer Stability, Reliability and Continuity. We have been established for over 25 years and 90% of our staff have been with us for ten years or more.

All T2K staff have the relevant Mitel and Gamma Horizon accreditations to support you and can handle even the most demanding expectations, which is why many of our valued clients have been with us for over 20 years!

Our in-house customer support technicians are UK-based and provide support 24/7, with dedicated account managers and internal support teams making sure that your business receives nothing less than the very best quality of support at all times.

From a few phones in a small office to hundreds spread over multi-site networks, we will deliver!

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If you're tech savvy or wish to deal with an issue by yourself or during our closing hours, please use our knowledge-base. It's open to be used for both non-customers and customers alike, free of charge.

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