London 0207 0203 numbers

0207 & 0203 Telephone Numbers Are Running Out

In the 1990’s London telephone numbering went through a sequence of changes. This cumulated the “Big Number Change” which saw the current 020x codes become active on the 1st June 1999. Nearly 20 years on the 0207 and 0203 ranges are now approaching exhaustion.

Ofcom and Gamma have released that they will be taking action to ensure they can continue to meet demand for telephone numbers in the London area. This action means:

  1. 0203 numbers will not be generally available once it’s current 0203 ranges are exhausted.
  2. In the short term – 0208 numbers will be supplied as Ofcom still have capacity within this range.
  3. Ofcom will shortly be releasing a new range of London numbers to service providers e.g. 0204.

In short, since its launch in 2005, 0203 numbers have almost been used up. The availability of these numbers will decrease and become more difficult to get hold of. The general availability of them will disappear, save for specialist use. Please note this does not affect the porting in of active London ranges from other providers.

If you wish to purchase 0207 or 0203 London telephone numbers, please get in touch with us today on 0808 202 3200 whilst they are still available.