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old telephone system problems

4 Problems Businesses Will Face At Some Point With Their Phone System

Businesses across the country are constantly using their phone systems, whether it’s a sales team making and receiving large amounts of calls, internal calls, network systems or other integral communications. General wear and tear is always going to happen with every day use and parts will need replacing. It doesn’t matter (to a certain extent)…

buyers guide to hosted voip phone

The Buyer’s Guide To Hosted Phone Systems

When choosing a new phone system, buyers are increasingly turning to hosted systems, which offer many advantages over traditional hardware. Not so long ago, business phone systems were clunky and inconvenient affairs, with tangles of wires trailing across offices, or crudely hidden behind cable ducting glued to the wall. Adding extra phone lines or moving…

leased lines guaranteed fast internet

Leased Lines: Guaranteed Fast Broadband Speeds

With speeds from 10Mbps right up to 1Gbps—Fibre Leased Line access services are ideal for those organisations that regard their Internet and MPLS VPN connectivity as absolutely mission critical. Fibre Leased Lines deliver a fibre connection using Ethernet technology right into your building. We will get you connected directly to a core network and unlike…

upgrade to gamma horizon voip system

It’s Time To Upgrade To A Horizon Phone System

Isn’t it time your business ungraded to a Horizon hosted phone system? Thanks to the wide-scale availability of superfast broadband, we’re all making productive use of the cloud for storing data and online applications and we do this without even realising it. ​So why should it be any different for your voice communications? Well, thanks to Horizon,…

5g Bournemouth telecom

5G Is On The Way!

As 4G networks still try to operate across the UK, the race is already on to develop the next generation of airwave connectivity. This next generation is, not surprisingly, called 5G and scientists say it’ll change the way we operate on the move forever. Its development has been brought about largely due to the increasing…

welcome to the new T2K website

Welcome To The New T2K Website!

First thing’s first – Welcome to our new website! Here at T2K we’re happy to announce that we’ve re-branded (but not changed!) We’re keeping up with the times, as most businesses have to do to stay competitive. Many of our long-term clients have seen us evolve over the years and morph through various name-changes, logo’s…