Bournemouth Beach 5G Network

“Bournemouth residents could see one of the UK’s earliest 5G networks in place by 2020.” – Bournemouth Echo

That’s great news for T2K as our head office is just on the outskirts of the town!

5G technology promises to be much faster and more efficient than its 3G or 4G predecessors. The jump from 3G to 4G was drastic enough and if you ever find yourself using 3G in 2018, you can testify to how slow it is in comparison.

There are however plenty of obstacles in 5G’s way – quite literally. The higher frequencies used are prone to disruption by objects such as buildings, trees, vehicles and even water and air particles. The higher frequencies also have a shorter range, which will require the installation of many more network repeaters.

Will this mean that 5G won’t be as robust?

In all honesty, only time will tell. I’m sure with the correct measures in place, along with well thought out planning, it will be just as robust as 4G. As it’s a worldwide project, with the worlds smartest humans working on it, I’m convinced that it will be as robust, If not more.

What will 5G achieve?

Within the Lansdowne area of Bournemouth (which is known locally as the Digital Hub) the council plans to investigate the possibility of driverless transport; a technology which 5G is expected to expand. If 5G proves successful it is thought to attract digital businesses to boost the sector's already lively growth in the town.

Within the world, 5G will greatly improve and support the capabilities of everything connected to the IoT (Internet of Things). This was displayed in the North Korean winter Olympics earlier this year to run systems which act quickly to ward animals away from the courses.

Compared to 4G; download speeds will (in theory if all goes to plan,) greatly improve with speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Compared to 100Mbps with 4G, and 384Kbps with 3G, this is a huge step forward.