5 Reasons To Use Xarios Call Recording

1. Why Record Telephone Calls? Call recording is a ‘must have’ application for any organization. It enables quick and confident dispute resolution, as well as the option to review calls for training and mentoring purposes. Our solution is an easy to use, secure voice recording platform for SIP, ISDN & Analogue communications. It has a…

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3 Things Telecoms Sales People Say That Aren’t Always True

telecoms sales dont want you to know shush

Here are some things that the sales person on the other end of the phone doesn’t want you to know – but really, you should. What they don’t want you to know We feel that more than ever, there are some pretty misleading and sometimes slightly immoral sales pitches currently happening in the telecoms industry;…

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How To Avoid The Bournemouth A338 Roadworks

a338 bournemouth spur road roadwork traffic

After the 2015/16 roadworks had finished, regular commuters of the A338 Spur Road had hoped they would never have to experience chaos and delays like that again. Behold, we are now in 2018 and new roadworks have started to create a third lane along the southbound carriage way at Blackwater Junction. The planned works will…

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0207 & 0203 Telephone Numbers Are Running Out

London 0207 0203 numbers

In the 1990’s London telephone numbering went through a sequence of changes. This cumulated the “Big Number Change” which saw the current 020x codes become active on the 1st June 1999. Nearly 20 years on the 0207 and 0203 ranges are now approaching exhaustion. Ofcom and Gamma have released that they will be taking action…

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3 Thing You Need To Become An Agile Business

Regardless of industry, businesses have been forced to become more operationally agile to meet the challenges of the modern global marketplace. Advances in technology mean that the traditional centralised office is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Online collaborative tools make it easy for workers to complete tasks together from anywhere in the world.…

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Bournemouth To Receive World-Leading 5G Technology By 2020

Bournemouth Beach 5G Network

“Bournemouth residents could see one of the UK’s earliest 5G networks in place by 2020.” – Bournemouth Echo That’s great news for T2K as our head office is just on the outskirts of the town! 5G technology promises to be much faster and more efficient than its 3G or 4G predecessors. The jump from 3G…

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An Early Launch For Our New Knowledge Base

mitel support knowledge base

Last month I published a post saying that “The Telecoms Knowledge Base Open To All” was coming soon and that it would be ready mid-April. After lots of hard work, team contributions and filtering through common support queries, we’ve made good progress and are happy to announce that T2K’s knowledge base is now live ahead…

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