Moving Over To SIP

BT have announced that as of 2025, ISDN lines will be terminated. This means that businesses across the UK will be moving over to SIP. This is not something to worry about, as T2K can help you throughout the transition.

Discover on this page everything you need to know about moving over to SIP (VoIP).

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Reduce Costs

SIP Trunking can save on call costs and line rental changes, business continuity and calling and network features in comparison to traditional fixed line service.

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Number Flexibility

Unable to take your number to your new office? With T2K SIP trunks, this isn’t a problem as you can use area codes from anywhere in the UK and point your non-geographic to your SIP Service.

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Peace of mind

With T2K SIP we can provide automatic failover to your other sites, the ideal solution in the event of a disaster or unforeseen event such as an office power cut to keep your business running smoothly.

Changing The Way You Communicate

Today’s business climate calls for reliability, agility and flexibility. In order to deliver on these core goals, the tools companies need to communicate to their customers and the wider world must be future ready and fit for purpose.

However, that is not always the case. Many companies are still relying on traditional Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) technology for their business communications, most of which are now becoming obsolete in a business environment where terms of interaction are dictated by increasingly demanding customers.

Flexiblity of SIP

Flexibility Of SIP

Unlike ISDN, phone numbers are not tethered to a set location, giving SIP trunking the benefit of portability.

Businesses can automatically divert calls to a separate office location if all the lines at one office location are occupied (even if your offices are located in separate countries), and should your business choose to relocate, your current numbers move with you.

Having too many or too few channels is a familiar problem for most businesses with ISDN. With no limitations on DDI ranges and as many as 2,000 channels on a single connection, SIP eliminates this issue by enabling businesses to instantly scale, up or down, on a per channel basis to reflect their fluctuating needs.

Immediate Cost Savings With SIP

SIP trunking is not only less costly per channel for line rental than ISDN, but can also deliver savings on call costs. T2K can provide packages with free call minutes, saving you even more money.

SIP trunking requires less physical infrastructure, with fewer lines needed than with ISDN, in turn reducing the maintenance costs on required PBXs. This is all the more important for enterprise businesses, who are likely to have multiple offices and more lines.

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SIP Allows Business Growth

SIP Allows Easy Business Growth

The beauty of a modern communications solution is that the addition of new lines and new office locations becomes a simple, pain free process. Line capacity to meet demand can be managed effectively without fuss and in most cases, call routing can be controlled easily, without requiring support from a supplier.

Importantly for growing businesses, it means that setting up new offices and remote workers does not require entire teams to stop working for installation to take place. Implementation can be seamless and in most cases the impact on productivity is minimal, if at all.

Number flexibility with SIP trunking ensures that if you are changing office completely, you can keep your existing numbers, even if you are moving to a different geographic location.

Outstanding Reliability With SIP

When a traditional ISDN connection goes down, it can be for days rather than hours. Also, businesses are reliant on their provider for a resolution, or to implement expensive call forwarding options reactively until the problem is resolved. A modern solution, like SIP trunking or a fully-hosted phone system, comes with in-built resilience features. These solutions ensure that if something goes awry, business continuity can be maintained, with instant failover of voice traffic on to a different line or call plans that can include immediate redirection of calls to different hunt groups, office locations or even mobiles.

Due to this, thousands of UK businesses have identified cloud-based telephony as the future-ready technology they need to enable growth and agility.

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