Hosted Telephone Systems

Our hosted VoIP telephones are a complete communications service for your business that provides an extensive range of capabilities via an easy to use web portal.

The service allows you, the administrator to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity


Resilient & Reliable

Faulty phone systems can result in poor customer service that may tarnish a company’s reputation for years. Compared to traditional telephones, our system won’t fall over in a gale.


HD Call Quality

HD call quality is essential for all businesses, whether big or small. A poor call can result in misheard information and people ending calls prematurely.


Cost Effective

Our hosted telephone system requires absolutely no capital outlay. Hardware, installation, 2000 Minutes to UK Mobiles & landlines are free of charge. We only charge you a set Monthly fee.

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Why Use a Hosted VoIP System?

The main difference between hosted VoIP and traditional phone systems involves the way data is transferred. Rather than relying on a dedicated copper wire to relay phone conversations, hosted systems digitise voice data before sending it down the same cables used for broadband.


By relocating phone calls online, supremely reliable systems can be established, which are impervious to bad weather or broken phone lines. Faulty phone systems can result in poor customer service that may tarnish a company’s reputation for years, so it’s far better to adopt a system that won’t fall over in a gale, or be severed by a misplaced road worker’s drill.

What if my company’s circumstances change?

Hosted VoIP phone systems are particularly good at expanding and developing to suit a company’s changing needs. Traditional phone contracts provided a fixed amount of preordained telephone numbers, in a fixed set of locations, for a fixed period of time.


By contrast, hosted packages can be adjusted and relocated at will, requiring minimal infrastructure. There is no downtime during office relocation's, since the devices simply plug-and-play. This portability is beneficial for companies who rent, rather than own, their offices.


Is a VoIP system customisable?

In a word, yes. Conventional phone contracts generally assumed everyone had the same requirements in terms of conference calling, voicemail, recording options and diverts.

However, because hosted VoIP phone systems place the administrator squarely in charge via an easily-controlled web portal, there is far more scope for customising the system around each user’s specific requirements.

What about geographic restrictions?

Historically, your location was revealed by the area code (and local BT exchange) you were using. Because hosted telephony is sent over the internet, this is no longer the case. That brings a number of benefits, including the ability to infer your staff are in a certain area even when they’re not. For instance, customers in London who see an 0207 area code on an incoming call would assume they were speaking to a local agent, rather than someone based outside the capital, or working remotely.

One consequence of this is that employees can work from home while using their normal office line. That’s useful for companies wanting to offer the flexible working arrangements that employers are increasingly championing and it’s invaluable in the adverse weather conditions that affect the UK for over 30 days each year.

How much will this new system cost?

One of the biggest benefits of hosted phone systems is their relative affordability, and these cost savings are largely due to a lack of physical infrastructure. Just as sending an email eliminates postage fees, so hosted systems do away with trunking and exchanges, as well as expensive maintenance contracts.

What does a hosted VoIP phone system consist of?

Combining fixed and mobile telephony into a user-controlled online interface, it requires a minimal capital outlay, yet round-the-clock support is provided for everything from number porting to handset training. While the handsets themselves resemble conventional office phones, their interfaces and features are more intuitive, ensuring users are comfortable using their new telecommunications devices.

What If I Have Multiple Sites?

The service is provided centrally so you don’t need an expensive system on each site. Horizon connects branch offices together, calls are free between locations and mobiles and everyone shares the same dial plans and directories.


Looking for Hosted VoIP Handsets, Accessories & Peripherals?

View our handsets page here to find all the Hosted VoIP compatible handsets, accessories and peripherals you may need.

Who Are Hosted Phones Suited For?

  • 001-laptop-60-1

    Businesses that want flexibility

    Businesses with employees who are regularly on the move or out of the office will never lose calls as each user can simply tell the system, at the click of a mouse, where their calls should be sent: their desk, their mobile (or both) or their colleague.

  • 005-server-60-1

    Ideal for multi-sites

    The service is provided centrally so you don’t need an expensive system on each site. Horizon connects branch offices together, calls are free between locations and mobiles and everyone shares the same dial plans and directories.

  • 012-buildings-60-1

    Organisations that prefer outsourcing

    Hosted on your behalf, there are no expensive maintenance or running costs, you only pay for what you use and if you take a three year agreement and assured broadband, there are no up-front costs for hardware or software either.

  • 007-backup-60-1

    Organisations that need a BCP

    In the event of a disaster the services can be instantly moved across to a backup plan that can include, for example, diverting calls to different locations without loss of functionality and without expensive call forwarding costs.

  • lady-on-phone-60-1

    Improving customer contact

    Put calls on hold, play marketing messages, move calls seamlessly between users and offices and your customers will get the best experience when calling your business, also get your callers straight to the right person with a multi-level Auto Attendant system.

  • 002-telephone-1-60-1

    Training and monitoring

    The system provides a cost-effective way to record calls. This centralised feature means calls can be recorded from any location, in any direction and configured instantly at the click of a mouse. You can also report on all call activity with granularity.

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