bournemouth a338 spur road traffic

After the 2015/16 roadworks had finished, regular commuters of the A338 Spur Road had hoped they would never have to experience chaos and delays like that again.

Behold, we are now in 2018 and new roadworks have started to create a third lane along the southbound carriage way at Blackwater Junction. The planned works will take an estimated nine months to complete.

Delays of up to an hour have been reported on the first day of the roadworks. This is also the same day that commuters are returning to their daily routines after the summer holidays.

Frustration is amounting, but is there a solution?

The simple answer is yes. Here at T2K we provide businesses across the UK with cloud telephone systems. Hosted telephone systems allow you, the user (or your staff) to unplug your office phone and work from anywhere. The only requirement is that you need to be able to plug your phone into an internet connection.

Yes it really is that easy; in theory you could take a trip to the Bahamas and use your phone there.

The handsets retain all your contact directories, phone numbers and much more.

How much could the A338 Spur Road roadworks cost your business?

As staff are coming in late, how much money is your business losing? In many cases, missed calls can equal missed opportunities and even a loss in revenue.

Billable time

Where your business works on projects billed by the hour, a missed call can directly equate to lost revenue. Time that could otherwise be billed during a customer call may not be recouped – particularly if the client defaults to a non-real-time alternative like email.

Long term failings

Where your business provides customer service and support, missed calls have the potential to damage your reputation. Ultimately, reputational damage will cost your business dearly.

Compliance failings

If your business has an obligation to answer calls within a certain number of rings, every missed call costs money. However there are several factors to consider:

• The actual cost of the compliance failure

• Any industry-assigned fines associated with failing to meet targets

• Any legal costs associated with breaches in compliance

• The cost of any negative press associated with breaches and perceived poor service

Health applications

In the health sector, a missed call could be the difference between life and death for a patient. It is critically important that calls are routed effectively and efficiently.

Want to see the system in action?

If you’re already fed up of the A338 roadworks and feel like your business is missing out on business opportunities, get in touch on 0808 202 3200. T2K offer free demonstrations of VoIP telephone systems and products to businesses across the UK.