T2K Corona Virus

Hello all, a slightly different post format for once in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak which we would appreciate if you read in full to better understand what we (T2K) are doing on our end to minimise the spread, maintain the well-being of our staff and of course, keeping our services available to you.

During these difficult times which have affected thousands of companies across the country, and will affect many more in the coming weeks, we have made some changes to how we work so we can still carry on supporting you through this challenging time.

Firstly, within the office we have a limited staff presence. All technical staff that you are used to speaking to on the help desk will still be at the end of the phone, the only difference is they’re now working from home. This is to minimise the possibility of all engineers being off work at the same time. We have also limited contact to our “high-risk” staff, who will also be working from home for the foreseeable future.

All non-essential work has been postponed; both for the well-being of our staff and your own.

How will this impact you, the client?

We’re hoping for very minimal disruption, however, future delays are expected. This will be due to borders being closed for example and stock running low. Currently there is still lots of stock available in the UK so this would be long term issue or if we see a massive spike in demand. Shipping may also be delayed due to a reduced number of postal workers and couriers.

We are also experiencing a huge increase in calls and orders so we ask for you to be patient if things seem slower than usual; but rest assured that everything is being done behind the scenes to react as fast as possible to all enquires or support issues.

“I’m a client of yours, can you set us up to work from home?”

In most cases yes, as long as your system meets the requirements. If you’re wanting to work from home, please contact us on 0808 202 3200 to see how we can help.