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Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone is the next evolution in audio conferencing phones. Through its innovative design, your business will not only experience high definition audio quality and
superior far end voice clarity, but is provided with an easy way to share collaboration sessions with others in the room — all via a single, compact solution.

MiVoice Conference Phone is perfect for businesses of any size; it easily addresses the needs of a wide variety of meeting spaces – from the personal office to the Executive Boardroom.



The MiVoice Conference Phone was designed from the ground up to provide users with an exceptional audio conference phone experience.

Mitel’s patented Beamforming Technology is used to transition microphones from one active talker to the next, while virtually eliminating ambient room noise and side conversations that could impact intelligibility of the conversation on the far end.

The MiVoice Conference Phone utilizes high-definition, wideband audio and sophisticated call processing codecs to pick up and reproduce in-room audio, delivering outstanding, crisp, clear audio to all participants on the conference.

When these are combined with seamless 360-degree sound pickup from an array of 16 microphones positioned around the Phone, the MiVoice Conference Phone delivers superior audio performance that makes conference calls as productive as being in the same room.

Imagine your employees spending less time trying to figure out how to access and display content for a meeting and more time focusing on building stronger, more productive—even more profitable—relationships.

Enhanced with presentation and collaboration capabilities, the MiVoice Conference Phone provides your business with much more than other traditional conference phones. When directly connected to a projector or monitor via an HDMI cable, the MiVoice Conference Phone becomes the “central hub” for users to quickly access & display meeting materials or Cloud-based collaboration sessions to other participants in the room.

This means no more fussing with cables or laptops at the beginning of meetings, as the MiVoice Conference Phone is always connected and always available – all meeting participants need to do is decide how they want to collaborate.

Furthermore, the MiVoice Conference Phone eliminates the need for a participant’s laptop to be tethered to the projector for the entire meeting, which traditionally would inhibit their ability to use it to takes notes, access emails, and more.


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