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More than ever, that experience is shaped and delivered through digital interactions. While the majority of customer communications are still voice-based, consumers now rely more heavily on digital methods, such as email, SMS, web chat, and social media. They expect the flexibility to interact through the medium of their choice, wherever they are. And, they expect to be able to switch between one medium and another while they are on the move.

mitel micontact centre office

MiContact Center Office

MiContact Center Office provides efficient monitoring, managing and routing of calls. It's the perfect small to medium call center office solution.

Mitel micontact centre business

MiContact Center Business

Enterprise-grade, multi-channel, and cloud-ready solution designed to power customer-centric organisations.

micontact centre enterprise solutions

MiContact Center Enterprise

MiContact Center Enterprise provides a powerful toolbox of applications to transform dated, voice-only call centers into a multi-channel experience.

About MiContact Center Solutions

Whether or not your business has a traditional contact center, your customer touch-points should be equipped to deliver informed and personalised interactions with your clients and prospects. And, equally as important, your business should have the agility to respond to changing requirements on the fly.

The MiContact Center consists of three different packages (Office, Business and enterprise), all of which are different in the own rights for different levels of user and business requirements.

MiContact Center Office is perfect for businesses on a Mitel MiVoice Office 250 system with up to 100 agents.

MiContact Center Business builds upon the MiContact Center Office up to 1,200 call agents.

MiContact Center Enterprise leverages the Business edition from 1,200 agents all the way up to 30,000 concurrent agents in a network.

mitel micontact center call solutions

How MiContact Center Can Help

From connecting customers to the right person, on the first try, every time to managing your workforce and monitoring quality of service, the right technology can transform your customer experience from dated to digital. T2K offers solutions, services, and expertise to support your customer experience strategy every step of the way.

MiContact Center complementary offerings provide advanced capabilities for campaign and quality management. Discover new revenue opportunities and build customer loyalty through proactive engagement using MiContact Center Campaign Manager, an outbound progressive dialling solution. To unlock the full potential of your customer experience and embrace unified communications, MiVoice Call Recording provides valuable insight into customer interactions and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Mitel MiContact Center Office

MiContact Center Office is a contact centre solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need to share calls amongst a team. It works with MiVoice Office 250 to extend general business telephony to include hunt group and longest idle agent routing, email routing, and historical and real-time reporting.

MiContact Center Office enables contact centres or workgroups to simply and efficiently monitor, manage, and route calls – all toward the goal of delivering superior customer service, and optimising contact center operations. It provides real-time business intelligence, including call performance and agent activity reporting, as well as productivity tools for agents and supervisors, including screen pop and PIM integration.

Mitel MiContact Center Business

One-third of the population is comprised of millennials, and there are now almost as many mobile phones in the world as there are people. Such shifts have brought new challenges to the way your business delivers customer experience – for instance, 90 percent of consumers check your website before interacting with your company, and the majority of customers would rather interact through voice alternatives like email, chat, and self-service. That’s why Mitel’s MiContact Center Business platform is designed to power prompt, informed interactions between your mobile enterprise, mobile agents and supervisors, and mobile end customers.

MiContact Center Business delivers both Web-based and desktop productivity tools that enable agents and supervisors to make informed decisions and provide prompt service. Supervisors can see and manage who is available to answer calls and how queues are performing.

Agents can efficiently handle voice and digital media
contacts from a single application whether on their desktop of from a Web interface – performing telephony, email, Web chat, SMS, and social media actions using fewer steps, with reduced errors in interaction handling for an optimised customer experience.

Mitel MiContact Center Enterprise (Formerly Solidus)

MiContact Center Enterprise is an all-in-one, adaptive and flexible platform for Unified Communications, mobility, contact centre, business process automation, analytics and reporting as well as service and database integration.

Mitel continues to build on supporting customers to transform their telephone oriented call centre to a true, two-way, multi-modal interaction hub providing even more choices of interaction methods by implementing additional multi-channel access capabilities, including enhanced e-mail and chat routing options. MiContact Center Enterprise also now extends switch-independence to provide support for hard phones.

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