Mitel Business Dashboard

The Mitel Business Dashboard, originally designed for the MiVoice Office 250 platform, gives you a complete real-time and historical view of what is happening on your Mitel communications system.


Better Understanding

Mitel Business Dashboard gives you a complete cradle-to-grave view of every internal and external call on your phone system. You can view historical reports or real-time activity within your entire business.


Accelerate Productivity

Improve employee productivity by providing them with the ability to control calls right from their computer desktop.  Calls can be handled more efficiently answered by name, adding a personal touch.


Maximise Marketing ROI

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Mitel Business Dashboard gives you the information you need to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns so you can better manage your marketing spend.

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Why Use Mitel Business Dashboard

There are many reasons to use the Mitel Business Dashboard but here are a few.


Firstly, the Mitel Business Dashboard optimises the use of your employees and system resources.


You can easily monitor performance and identify opportunities of improvements within different areas of the business.


The Mitel Business Dashboard allows you to identify visually any opportunities for cost savings within your business. 


What Does It Do?

The Mitel Business Dashboard can answer various questions in connection to your telecoms to be able to give you a better understanding of your spend, calls and where you can make improvements within your business. 


Questions could be such as: How many people called your business yesterday? Are any of your trunks being underutilised and is there an opportunity for any cost savings? How quickly are calls being answered and are callers hanging up before being serviced? 


All of these questions can help your business grow, save money and most of all, increase productivity within your team.


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Everything You Need To Know


Realviewer brings real-time business performance to the individual users or team leader’s desktop for optimum operational efficiency. Multiple tiles can be built to display selected statistical information globally or across groups and individuals. There are over 200 different statistics to choose from, each of which can be individually filtered.

Realviewer Features

• Displays real-time call and employee statistics directly on your screen.
• Extensive filter options that allow for customisable statistics.
• Visual and audible alarms highlight problems as they occur.
• Assists with staff motivation.

Connection Assistant Client

Connection Assistant Client is an advanced call management tool that provides telephony call control, screen popping, automated dialling, and enhanced call control for increased employee efficiency. Both inbound and outbound calls can be screen popped displaying caller details from the company’s database.

Connection Assistant Client Features

• Integrates your telephony and desktop systems
• Allows you to control your telephone extension from your computer as well as monitor the call status of your colleagues
• Provides screen pop database records on incoming and outgoing calls
• Integrates with Microsoft® Office Outlook, GoldMine®, Maximizer CRM™, ACT!™, and Microsoft® Office Access
• Allows you to monitor daily call activity with a personal call history log
• Manage calls at your extension using easy to configure rules and actions


Reporter is a powerful and comprehensive report generation tool that provides both historical and real-time reports on all incoming and outgoing calls. It produces concise and simple reports on trunk and extension related activity such as call costs, trunk usage, and traffic patterns. Reports are fully customisation and can be created at the enterprise, department, or even individual employee level.

Reporter Features

• Historical and real-time reporting for both internal and external call traffic
• Cradle-to-grave call reports for tracking and monitoring
• Basic call costing
• Filterable by extensions, groups, DDI, Trunk, etc.
• Customized reports
• Allows supervisory call monitoring and control with controls to answer, transfer, steal, and disconnect employee calls
• Audible and visible alarm conditions
• Traffic management reporting to see all trunk related activity such as call costs, trunk usage, and traffic patterns

Additional Mitel Business Dashboard Information

If our FAQ section doesn't have what you're looking for, why not take a look at Mitel's official Business Dashboard Brochure. 


If the Mitel Business Dashboard brochure still does not answer the questions you're looking for, please contact us directly on 0808 202 3200.

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