Call Recording

A call recorder is software that records telephone conversations over PSTN or VoIP in a digital audio file format.


Here at T2K we have different call recorders that may suit your business needs better in different aspects, whether you're a single user or a have hundreds spread across multiple sites.


Xarios Call Recorder

Xarios Call Recorder - The complete call recording solution for Mitel MiVoice Office and Mitel MiVoice Business.


Oak RecordX Call Recorder

Whether you need to capture and retrieve recordings for regulatory compliance, or for business improvement through higher levels of customer satisfaction, RecordX meets all your needs.


MiVoice Office Call Recorder

MiVoice Office Call Recorder - Small Business Edition, brings all the functionality of mainstream call recording in a scale to suit the small business.

Why Use Call Recording

The range of uses to which call recording is now being applied has expanded greatly. Users can now opt for solutions that record 100% of calls – essential in businesses that need to record calls for legal or compliance reasons.

The functionality of call recording solutions today goes beyond the simple recording of calls. You can now automatically analyse what is going on in those calls: from assessing the effectiveness of call handling scripts, to identifying customer service trends or spotting product mentions in calls.

If you're interested in call recording but confused or would like to know more about the different systems, read our sections below about different call recorders we offer and how they can help your business. Alternatively, call us directly on 0808202 3200.

Choosing The Right Call Recorder

Firstly, when choosing a call recorder, you should consider the ease of use for searching, recovering and listening to calls. You should also consider the type of security and compliance certificates associated with hat call recorder. This should be use in conjunction with your prime purpose of using a call recording software: resolving disputes, monitoring calls, staff training? Do you take payment details over the phone? These are all questions that should be considered when buying a call recorder.


These following points may not apply to all businesses but should also be considered. Firstly, can the call recordings be securely accessed by remote staff or branch offices? Secondly, can the call recording be saved in a format suitable for email attachments between colleagues? 

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Xarios Call Recorder

The Xarios Technologies call recorder platform is highly scalable from a handful of extensions, up to a multi-site multi-trunk environment – with the capability to connect to extensions, ISDN or Sip trunks – the Xarios platform can be configured to cost effectively meet your exact needs.


Increasingly organisations are using call recording to mentor and train their staff and here the Xarios platform leads the way with workforce management and call scoring options designed to manage and organise staff monitoring programs.


The flexible nature of the Xarios platform means that today’s basic requirement can evolve into a sophisticated evaluation and compliant environment at a time and pace to suit the business needs.

Oak RecordX Call Recorder

RecordX is designed to enhance your business by enabling you to deliver the best possible service to your customers. By recording all telephone orders or discussions, you can quickly confirm back to a customer what was agreed. This enables any disputes to be quickly resolved and for the customer to be retained for future business.


RecordX works alongside your staff to help them develop their customer service skills as well as drive new sales through better telesales techniques.

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Mitel MiVoice Office Call Recorder - SBE

The MiVoice Office Call Recorder - Small Business Edition, built by Xarios, brings all the functionality of mainstream call recording in a scale to suit the small business. It can record up to 8 concurrent calls and provides easy to use search and retrieval options.


The solution is part of the MiVoice Office Application Suite and can be added to existing implementations with a license upgrade. No additional hardware required.

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