Oak RecordX Call Recording

Oak RecordX is the award winning unified Call Recording system that includes fixed line, mobile and VoIP recording in a single solution.

RecordX works alongside your staff to help them develop their customer service skills as well as drive new sales through better telesales techniques.

FCA & PCI DDS Compliant

Oak ensures that their RecordX call recorder meets all the recommended compliance needs. RecordX also supports many options to allow you to mask certain credit card details.

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Single & Multi-Site

Oak RecordX ensures that businesses with multi-sites would not be negatively impacted. That's why they made sure that it would be a fully integrated solution for all businesses.

Resolve Displutes

A dispute does not last long when a call has been recorded. You can also find calls quickly and email an extract to your client to confirm contract details if required.

Meeting Requirements

The latest version of Oak’s market leading Call Recording solution, RecordX, has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Payment Card Industry. Currently all of our call recording products store calls using AES 256bit encryption. This means the calls are secure and tamper-proof. However, in mid 2010 the PCI stipulated that if members do record calls they should make “best endeavours” to ensure that the three-digit CV2 number is not recorded.

RecordX includes a new feature that allows agents to tell the call recording system not to record the part of the call where the customer speaks the CV2 number. The agent can enter the ‘stop recording’ command during the call to pause recording and the ‘start recording’ command to resume. So for example the agent would stop the recording then ask; “Can I have the last three digits on the back of your card" before entering the resume command. The CV2 number is not recorded, while the rest of the call is recorded and easily available for playback using the RecordX web interface.

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Why Use Oak RecordX

The range of uses to which call recording is now being applied has expanded greatly. Users can now opt for solutions that record 100% of calls – essential in businesses that need to record calls for legal or compliance reasons.

The functionality of call recording solutions today goes beyond the simple recording of calls. You can now automatically analyse what is going on in those calls: from assessing the effectiveness of call handling scripts, to identifying customer service trends or spotting product mentions in calls.

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