EMIS Health Integration

The EMIS Health integration works both on our Mitel and Hosted telephone platforms, making it a versatile application for clinical surgeries around the country.

If you're interested in how the EMIS integration can help your medical practice, read more information below or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


Increase Efficiency

Reduce call handling times by on average 30 seconds. EMIS Integration enables practice staff to offer an enhanced patient service and better performance.


Patient Record Screen Pop

When the telephone rings a discrete on-screen display pops up showing the caller’s number, name, as well as Address Book / EMIS information. This is before the call is answered.


Save Time

Deal with more patient communication with the same number of staff. EMIS Integration will also assist in improving your QoF performance.

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About EMIS Health Integration

The EMIS Health integration for both Mitel and hosted telephone systems allows medical practices to be more efficient within the business by saving time and records calls.


EMIS Health saves time for medical practices by allowing the admin or call-taker to view screen pops as a patient calls into the practice with the patients records.


Furthermore, the integration can records patient calls for future, easy to use viewing within the EMIS platform.


Why Use EMIS Health Integration

With inbound calls a discrete on-screen display shows the patient’s name and regular doctor along with the ability to launch the medical record for the caller in a single click. This facility alone could save up to 20 seconds handling time per call.


The EMIS Dashboard shows bespoke alert notes and the contact history of previous communication between the practice and patient.


Furthermore, EMIS's integration with the telephone system enables practices to capture new contact numbers for patients and their relatives with resulting cost and operational benefits for the practice.

EMIS Integration With Mitel Phones

Does It Fit Your Business?

Today your receptionists answer the call and then search for the correct patient record on the EMIS application – the Mitel EMIS integration does this for them – so now when the phone rings, the telephone number of the patient calling will be passed to the EMIS application and if that number is recognised the Patients details will ‘Pop’ onto the receptionists screen.

If a member of the surgery staff is viewing a patient record where their telephone number is displayed the Mitel application enables ‘highlight and dial‘, which calls the Patient with the click of a mouse.

Everything You Need To Know

Record Calls

All telephone calls are recorded as encrypted files and can be searched for and played back via a web interface. This facility enables the practice to easily review any calls to or from patients.

Popup Screen

When the telephone rings a discrete on-screen display pops up showing the caller’s number, name, as well as Address Book / EMIS information. This is before the call is answered.

Display Dashboard

When the call is answered the Patient Connect Dashboard is displayed showing additional EMIS information for the caller, bespoke notes and the “Contact History” of previous communication with the surgery.

Display EMIS Record Card

A single click of the “EMIS” button on the Patient Connect Dashboard and the active patient is changed to the caller and the EMIS Record Card displayed.

Click to Dial

Dial EMIS and other contacts directly from the screen by simply clicking the selected contact. Add notes to call, send SMS texts, or email for a complete outbound communication system

More Information About EMIS Integration

Can't find what you're looking for in our EMIS Integration; "everything you need to know" section?


Read the official brochure for the EMIS Integration.


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