Mitel Phone Manager Outbound

Mitel Phone Manager Outbound make life easier for your outbound team! Phone Manager Outbound lets you create a list of people you want to call and automatically makes those calls, leaving your team to do what they are best at… Talking to customers!

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Drive More Sales

Empower your staff with the right tools to drive more sales. Mitel Phone Manager Outbound is easy to use and maximises your staffs call time. Time is money, especially when on the phone.

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Easy To Use

Mitel Phone Manager Outbound is an easy to use tool which requires very minimal training. It's perfect for fast paced environments  and high staff turnover call centres.

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Double Talk Time

Doubling your teleworkers call time can sometimes mean doubling your revenue. Phone Manager Outbound helps you keep track of your teleworkers time management.

About Phone Manager Outbound

Most businesses have some members of the team who make outbound calls – contact renewal, appointment confirmation, debt collection, post-sale follow up, regular customer contact or simply telecanvassing or telemarketing.

Phone Manager Outbound automates this process, dialling the call so that agents don’t have to consider which number to call – and then screen ‘popping’ a CRM with customer information. Once on the call the agent or operative has a selection of disposition codes to qualify what happened on the call, these can be presented in a supervisor screen so that they know what is happening in real time.

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Why Use Phone Manager Outbound

It is generally accepted that if someone is manually dialling from a written database there will probably be only 15 minutes of talk time in the hour if they work hard, if they use a highlight and dial system they will get at least 18 minutes talk time, but using a progressive dialler like Phone Manager Outbound they will get between 30 and 35 minutes talk time per hour, so this investment will double the talk time achieved.

This is not to say that it will necessarily double the number of sales but given that you are doubling the talk time it will increase the sales – even an increase of 10% in sales will result in a ROI of months rather than years!

Does It Fit Your Business?

Mitel Phone Manager Outbound Explained

Phone Manager Outbound is the perfect solution for any business, big or small, that requires immediate results from telemarketing in a fast paced environment.

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