Mitel Phone Manager

Mitel Phone Manager makes day-to-day office communications simple by giving users complete control over their telephone.  Not only will this reduce the need for training but also delivers business productivity and customer service enhancements.

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Reduce Training Time

The Mitel Phone Manager application is easy to use for all users. Users can make and receive calls all at the click of a mouse, reducing telephone training.


Caller Details Screen Pop

If your callers details has been listed in your businesses directory, when they call, their details will show up on your screen. This makes answering calls seamless with a personal touch.


Desktop PC & Mobile Friendly

Mitel Phone Manager is available as a mobile app, to make sure that you're still available when you're out of the office the same way as you would be when you're in.

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Why Use Mitel Phone Manager

Mitel Phone Manager provides presence information for all users and makes transferring calls around the business as simple as possible. Instant Messaging between work colleagues is a key tool for day to day communications and the out of box integration to Microsoft Outlook, provides users with screen popping and easy dialling of contacts, either through the system directory or access to system speed dials.


Mitel Phone Manager is available in three levels of user licensing: Outlook, Professional and Team Leader.

Mitel Phone Manager Key Features

With the Mitel Phone Manager, you can increase productivity of staff, quite literally, at the click of a button. This is done through various features included in the Mitel Phone Manager Platform such as: Highlight-and-dial, hot desk status and control, call control from the desktop (answer, hold, transfer...), Microsoft Outlook dialling, detailed call history and much more.


All of this will help your team be more efficient at the click of a mouse. being able to call phone numbers from a website without having to dial the wrong number or write it down is a powerful tool - and one that saves a lot of time and money to businesses which handle many inbound and outbound calls.


Phone Manager Outlook

The Mitel Phone Manager Outlook is the entry level Phone Manager application. It allows you to do many basic tasks such as highlight and dial numbers from the users desktop and web applications.


The Mitel Phone Manager Outlook also allows you to control calls directly from your desktop with minimal effort. Answer, hold and transfer calls directly at just the click of a mouse. Minimising effort and maximising your time.


Many teams would benefit from the Mitel Phone manager Outlook's internal team IM chats, passing information fast and efficiently.


Phone Manager Outlook also allows teams to view directly from their desktop PC whether a colleague is away from their desk, on holiday, on the phone or online with the help of the "real-time presence" of all users.


Users of the Mitel Phone Manager Outlook also can benefit from detailed individual call history as well as an easy to use internal/ external searchable contact directory.


Phone Manager Professional

The Mitel Phone Manager Professional enjoys all the features of the Mitel Phone Manager Outlook and builds upon them in a range of features designed to put all of your contact centre tasks at your fingertips. 


Maximising call agent and contact centre customer service and time efficiency is at the forefront of the Mitel Phone Manager Professional. With all the features from the Phone Manager Outlook, you can be sure that any agent using the Phone manager Professional will using their time to it's full potential, whilst using less effort to dial out.


Mitel Phone Manager Professional benefits from ACD Agent control (hunt group login).


Phone Manager Professional also benefits from integrated soft keys 1st party TAPI (call control events), CRM application support and API access.


Phone Manager Team Leader

Mitel Phone Manager Team Leader seamlessly builds upon Phone Manager Professional in a number of different ways.


The Mitel Phone Manager Team Leader is built with team managers in mind. It allows you interact with them more efficiently. You can aid manually manage their time and help them on the go.


Phone Manager Team Leader allows the user to view real time MiVoice Office 250 alarm notifications and real-time pop-up alerts of phone system and CT gateway alarms.


The system allows you to integrate 3rd party acd agent status, DND and FWD control at all times. 


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Everything You Need To Know

Call Control, Call Forward & Do Not Disturb

Making and transferring calls is a simple process using Mitel Phone Manager: a single mouse click replaces a multi-step process on the handset. Up to 4 calls can be easily controlled at any one time with clear information showing which call you are connected to. In addition, users can easily manage their forward, divert and do-not-disturb status.

Call Identification

Not every call a user takes will be about the same topic and in some circumstances you may want to prioritise certain calls over others. Mitel Phone Manager gives you this ability by clearly showing users the source of each call they take with a coloured title bar and caption. If required, the caption can be expanded to include more information about the call to enable them to answer it in a specific way

Call History

Each user is presented with a comprehensive history of all calls they have been involved with and can redial any with a button click. Missed calls are clearly defined as are calls from contacts in the centralised or personal directories.

Key Features

• Highlight & dial numbers from desktop and web applications
• Mitel hot desk status and control
• Call control from the desktop (answer, hold, transfer…)
• Microsoft Outlook add-in for dialling & meet-me conference booking
• Control of do-not-disturb and forward state
• Real-time presence of all users in the organisation, grouped by department
• Detailed individual call history
• Searchable directory of internal and external contacts
• Windows integrated logon with minimal user-side configuration

Key Benefits

• Reduce training requirements & speed up telephony tasks
• User status visibility makes it easy to find other users
• Clear identification of call types and vip customers
• Shared contacts for quick access to commonly used numbers
• Eradicate misdials by using highlight & dial
• Reduced total cost of ownership with simplified administration and centralised configuration
• Improve customer service

Additional Information About Mitel Phone Manager

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Mitel Phone Manager Demonstration

Does It Fit Your Business?

Mitel Phone Manager provides presence information for all users and makes transferring calls around the business as simple as possible.

Instant Messaging between work colleagues is a key tool for day to day communications and the out of box integration to Microsoft Outlook, provides users with screen popping and easy dialing of contacts, either through the system directory or access to system speed dials.

Phone Manager Mobile

Today’s mobile workforce requires access to secure and reliable communication and collaboration tools regardless of location, in order to deliver a seamless and consistent service to their customers. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile app delivers smarter communications, between colleagues, customers and partners, enabling people to connect and collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where they are or how they work.



Easily manage your individual presence status and save time when contacting colleagues by knowing whether they are on the phone, away from their desk or available for an instant message chat.

Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App introduces the concept of ‘presence profiles’ which combine the ‘Do Not Disturb’, UCD Hunt Group Login and ‘dynamic extension’ features of the MiVoice Office 250 to deliver optimised routing and presence visibility to the rest of your team. You can easily switch between presence profiles and you can add a personal message to better communicate your status to your colleagues.

Communicate On The Go

When you’re used to how Mitel Phone Manager on your desktop PC keeps you efficient and in touch with your corporate team, Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App now sets you free and allows you to take Mitel Phone Manager with you! See and dial your corporate directory and call history or respond to chat and voicemail messages whether you are inside or outside your office.

Built-in Softphone

When making calls from Phone Manager Mobile you can turn your smartphone into a PBX softphone to make calls on the network at your office. Internal calls are free and if you have call recording then business conversations are logged alongside calls from regular desk phones. Calls can be placed on hold and transferred if required as if you are in the office, even though you are on the move. Softphone calls can be made over Wi-Fi or optionally the cellular network if required.

Access Corporate Directories

View one of the internal business groups or simply use the search facility to locate users, the corporate directory or your smartphone contacts. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile provides you with access to all of your contacts in a single location.


With its straight forward and intuitive user interface Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App provides you with notifications for voicemail, missed calls, chat messages and can even show you the status of your favourite contacts all from your home screen.

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