VoIP Phone/ Broadband Requirements Chart

Please note that on many installations, T2K partition small portions of internet data exclusively for telephony. This ensures that calls will not be disrupted or lose quality if multiple users are downloading files or browsing the internet.

Number Of Concurrent CallsMinimum Required Bandwidth (Partitioned)HQ Call Quality Recommended Speeds (Partitioned)Un-partitioned Recommended Speeds
140 Kbps Up & Down100 kbps Up & Down3 MBps Up & Down
3120 Kbps Up & Down300 kbps Up & Down3 MBps Up & Down
5200 Kbps Up & Down500 kbps Up & Down5 MBps Up & Down
10400 kbps Up & Down1 MBps Up & Down5-10 MBps Up & Down