Music On Hold

Your customer’s perception of your business is most likely key to you. Which is why I’m sure you’ve most likely invested a lot of time/ money into your businesses website and overall branding.

However, what happens when your customers are left on hold? Silence; an annoying beeping noise; or maybe even a crackly, jumpy version of your favourite 90’s song?

No matter what the answer may be, ask yourself one question: Does it match your businesses identity?

Let’s face it, no one enjoys being on hold. It can sometimes be irritating, but in most cases is also necessary – especially in a time where a lot of business is done over the phone.

Generally, a phone call will be one of the first point of contacts with a customer (or potential customer) who is enquiring. That first point of contact can also be the last if handled poorly.

That’s why thousands of companies, large or small, are using music on hold. This allows you to positively engage with your clients whilst they’re waiting in queue or on hold.

This year T2K is offering all our maintained clients the option of music on hold. All you require is voicemail service.

The term “music on hold” does not only apply to when someone is put on hold. It can also be used as greetings when people call in, calling queues, festive period announcements and auto-attendants.

Music On Hold Sample Preview
Music On Hold Sample Preview

All our recordings are done professionally, with multiple choices of voices and background music if you wish. If you're interested, examples can be heard by following this link:

If you wish to know more about our music on hold and marketing messages, contact us directly on 0808 202 3200.