First thing's first - Welcome to our new website!

Here at T2K we're happy to announce that we've re-branded (but not changed!)

We're keeping up with the times, as most businesses have to do to stay competitive. Many of our long-term clients have seen us evolve over the years and morph through various logo's and websites - but here's to our next journey.

So what's new? Well, appart from the obvious things such as: new website and a refreshed logo, we've made a few smaller changes that you may not notice straight away.

Why You Shouldn't Worry

Don't worry! Apart from a few cosmetic changes, nothing else is different. We've still got the same staff members, directors and all the same management.

Our priorities still lie within our customers: the support they receive from start to finish.

The Main Reason For The Change

The main change reason was to allow us to branch out into other avenues and allow customers to get a full package in one place.

Aside from that, our old website had reached its prime as it was 10 years old. We're hoping that this website will be easier to use, have more information and be a support hub for new and existing clients of ours through the new support page.

We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! - T2K