tips to keep comms cabinet tidy ethernet

Messy - or “spaghetti-like” comms rooms and data centres are something we come across all too often. But did you know it can be a health and safety risk?

An untidy data cabinet can also cost your business precious time and money when changes are required. Finding issues can become difficult (and frustrating), without mentioning extra costs that may apply when a job that should take half a day rolls over into a full day. All the mess could also grind your business or certain users to a halt due to cables being mistakenly disconnected trying to trace its use. It can become unreliable, crowded and difficult to manage. Increased downtime and lost productivity may occur, which is not an ideal situation for any business.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your server racks and comms cabinets tidy.

1. Separate your power and network cables

We know this isn’t always possible, but if you can; try and run your power cables down one side of the rack, and network and data cabling down the other. The reason for this is that power and data cables don’t mix. If they’re too close to each other it can cause interference, re-transmit and cross-talk. This will also allow you to clearly see and access your equipment, making any future work easier.

2. Anticipate business growth

This isn’t a cable management issue – but something than can save you money on the long-run. Ensure you have enough space in your rack for extra patch panels. Your business can grow, and if you haven’t got enough space in your rack, you may need to buy a larger one in the future.

The same point goes for network outlets. We would recommend almost doubling up on your required number of outlets as cable is a lot cheaper than labour and the cost of running two cables is usually near enough the same as running one.

3. Using Velcro Ties

Velcro ties can be handy when running cables. They can save you time and effort, and also reduce the risk of accidentally snipping though a network cable whist trying to remove a cable tie. Velcro ties are not essential and are not everyone’s preferred option; but in our eyes it’s definitely something to consider.

4. Colour coding

Colour coding cables. Again – like Velcro ties, it’s not something that would be deemed essential. However, it is definitely something to consider as it will make your life (and anyone else’s who approaches the cab) much, much easier.

Having a sign or “guide” on the wall in your server room can also help anyone de-cypher what the colours co-ordinate to.

Keeping the colours on the user-end may also be beneficial to keep things tidy.

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