Inter-Tel Axxess

Unfortunately, due to the discontinuation of Inter-Tel systems in 2009, we do not install new systems. We can however replace parts in faulty and non-working systems to get your business back up and running.

We would however recommend that any current Inter-Tel systems should be upgraded to a newer Mitel system to ensure a fully featured, well working telephone system for years to come.

If you require parts or would like to upgrade your system, contact us directly below using the contact us button.

About Inter-Tel Axxess

Unfortunately, on the 12th March 2009 Mitel announced their retirement plans for the Inter-Tel Axxess range of telephony solutions in the UK. However here at T2K we still hold a large amount of Inter-Tel parts to fix and maintain any existing active systems.

About Inter-Tel Axxess

What's The Next Step Forward?

If you're experiencing problems with an Inter-Tel system, we can help. We still hold a large stock of refurbished Inter-Tel parts, however, we would recommend upgrading to a Mitel system to receive optimal support and reliability from your telecoms for many more years to come.

Looking for Inter-Tel Handsets, Accessories & Peripherals?

View our handsets page here to find all the Inter-Tel handsets, accessories and peripherals you may need.

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T2K has a great deal of experience in installing and maintaining telephone systems across the UK since 1991.

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With fewer overheads, T2K can guarantee outstanding prices at all times. Our pricing is also completely transparent; no hidden fees, and our costs don't change.

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With almost three decades of providing, installing and supporting telecoms equipment to companies across the UK, T2K have built a wealth of expertise.

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