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Mitel MiVoice Business provides businesses of all sizes with a scalable, feature-rich communications system using a single stream of software.

MiVoice Business is designed to meet the needs of businesses that have from 5 to 65,000 users, whether they are single-site deployments or multi-site networks that span many countries.

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UK Wide Installation

T2K provides UK wide installation for all business phone systems. Contact us today for any queries you may have. A helpful member of our team will be able to help you straight away.

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HD Call Quality

HD call quality is essential for all businesses, whether big or small. A poor call can result in misheard information and people ending calls prematurely.

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Hybrid Telephone System

Our Mitel systems work with PSTN, ISDN and SIP lines, making it a highly versatile telephone system for companies looking for a reliable, long lasting solution.

Why You Should Use Mitel MiVoice Business

Every contact your business makes is crucial. No matter where they are, or what device they’re using, callers want immediate answers from your team. Great service means putting them through to the right person instantly.

Mitel MiVoice Business makes it easier to manage calls and have productive conversations. With Mitel MiVoice Business you can: Put customers through to the right person instantly with intelligent call handling. Prioritise voicemail and email messages, so they can be dealt with in the right order. And display missed calls at the touch of a button to name a few.

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Boost Productivity, Gain Efficiency

The easier it is for staff to collaborate and make decisions the more productive they are. 87% of businesses that offer flexible working believe it has improved productivity.

Mitel MiVoice Business features help employees work smarter by allowing staff to use office systems securely from home or on the move. Staff are now able to "hot-desk" by routing calls to an employees number, wherever they're sitting in the office. Mitel MiVoice Business also allows employees to better collaborate by using conferencing features.

Looking for Mitel MiVoice Business Handsets, Accessories & Peripherals?

View our handsets page here to find Mitel compatible handsets, accessories and any accessories you may need.

Does It Fit Your Business?

Mitel MiVoice Business Explained

With MiVoice Business your organization can obtain communications peace of mind through reliable, resilient communications, so that your business remains connected.

Why use T2K for Your Telecoms?

T2K has a great deal of experience in installing and maintaining telephone systems across the UK since 1991.

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Best Price Guaranteed

With fewer overheads, T2K can guarantee outstanding prices at all times. Our pricing is also completely transparent; no hidden fees, and our costs don't change.

Fully Acreddited Engineers

T2K Engineers are all fully qualified and have the relevant accreditations to handle all support and installation.

Over 25 Years In Telecoms

With almost three decades of providing, installing and supporting telecoms equipment to companies across the UK, T2K have built a wealth of expertise.

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